Ativan – A common panic medication

Ativan – A common panic medication

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Intense situation and regular pressure of unwanted circumstances can bring the panic attacks. The level of the anxiety and depression may also follow by it and thus deal with the panic on the initial level is highly preferred.  As compared to the normal life the level of panic is much higher in the patient and thus giving the right medication is required like Ativan. There are several other medicines also available which can be taken into consideration but due to its fast working methods, most of the patient take it.

Panic and Ativan effects

Doctors have a different thinking about the Ativan. They consider that sometimes more side-effects can occur in the patient of panic. The overdose may also result in the paradoxical effects and can make the situation even worse. Thus doing the right thing is required and the patient should be treated well only after check properly the level of the disease and the required amount of the medicine. You should know that there are several other alternatives also available and thus it is better to know about them as well before you choose the one.

Other substitutes

There are many other medications available for the treatment of the panic attacks and it is a worth of giving a look at their details.


Patience with complaint of panic attacks and phobias are the potential users of this particular drug. There are many famous names of the drugs which are included in this class of the drug. They are only available when you present the valid prescription of the doctor. Due to the high addictive quality, they are not common in the use as they are scheduled IV drugs.

Lorazepam, Alprazolam, and Clonazepam are the other drugs which also come in the same category frequently. You should be aware there the use of Benzodiazepines is very fine and it also put a quick effect. Only half of the patient complains about the symptoms of withdrawal. But for the long period of time, it must not be used on anyone. It is observed that some patients develop a resistance against the effects of this drug. It may also cause confusion and memory related problems.

Using Antidepressants

The next choice of the treatment is using the Antidepressants. They are very famous for their positive results when it comes to symptoms of depression, social anxiety etc. These drugs are also effective to deal with the seasonal affective disorder and chronic depression. But their use must be done according to the correct medical advice only to avoid any kind of side effect.